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Dr. Christian Albrecht

Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  Succession planning  |  Lawyer and tax consultant liability

Jürgen Behrendt

Administrative law  |  Public and Private construction law  |  Commercial tenancy law

Georg Willem Büchler

Private construction law  |  Architect law  |  Real estate law  |  Property development law  |  Commercial tenancy law

Dr. Martin Andreas Duncker

Trade and commercial law | Banking law and capital market law | Law of health professions | Compliance and data protection | Product liability

Klaus-Dieter Freund

Commercial law  |  Corporate and company law  |  Advice and support for non-profit enterprises and institutions | Succession planning | Contract law with an interdisciplinary approach

Tobias Fürniß, Ph.D. (UIBE)

Intellectual property rights  |  Competition law  |  Antitrust law  |  Compliance  |  M&A  |  Restructuring

Dr. Nicolle Heitsch

Administrative law  |  Public and Private construction law  |  Architect law and real estate law

Wolf Herzberger

Corporate law  |  Trade and commercial law  |  Intellectual property rights  |  Family law  |  Product liability law  |  Contract law

Dr. Heiko Hofstätter

Criminal law  |  Compliance  |  Capital market law | Sports law

Dr. Björn Lange

Labor law  | Corporate law |  M&A | Sports law 

Dr. Jörg Klingmann

Construction law | Architect law | Real estate law | Banking law and capital market law | Public procurement law | Trade and commercial law

Denise Primus

IT law and data protection  |  Contract and Terms and conditions law  |  Compliance | Banking law and capital market law   

Dr. Hanns-Uwe Richter

Labor law  |  Sports law  |  Business mediation

Dr. Natascha Rittner

Family law  |  Inheritance law  |  Succession law

Dr. Daniel Schneidenbach

Private construction law  |  Architect law  |  Real estate law  |  Commercial tenancy law  |  IT law

Christian Schröder

Banking law  |  Capital market law  |  Contract law  |  Distribution law

Dr. Britta Schubel

Product liability law |  Contract law |  Terms and conditions law | Private construction law  | Insurance law  | 

Dr. Christian Strubel

National and international Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  M & A  |  Restructuring  |  Company succession