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As a specialist in labour law, Björn Lange advises and represents employers, executives and employees in the entire field of labour law, in particular in the law on protection against dismissal, the law on fixed-term contracts, the drafting of employment and termination agreements, works constitution law (including negotiations on reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans) as well as in connection with restructuring and outsourcing. The JUVE handbook (issues 2018/19 as well as 2019/20) names Björn Lange as a frequently recommended lawyer and describes him as "very competent" according to competitors. In addition, the editorial team of "Focus" has included Björn Lange for the third time in its list of recommendations for "Top Lawyers" in the area of employment law (issues 03/2019 "Das ist Ihr Recht 2019", Focus-Spezial 37/20 "Ihr Recht 2020" and Focus-Spezial 36/2021 "Recht & Rat").

In addition to labor law, Björn Lange is also active in the field of corporate law. He advises on the establishment of partnerships and corporations, on the appointment and dismissal of board members and managing directors and on the drafting of their employment contracts. In addition, he advises medium-sized companies and their owners on the acquisition and sale of companies.

A further focus of his work is sports law. Björn Lange is particularly active in the areas of sports labor law, player transfer and arbitration law. In the field of professional sports, his clients include clubs and their outsourced corporations as well as officials, coaches and players from the 1st Bundesliga to the 3rd division, player consultants and player placement agencies.

Björn Lange is a member of the working groups for employment law and sports law in the German Bar Association and a member of the International Sport Lawyers Association (ISLA). In addition, Björn Lange is the author of various publications on corporate law and sports labor law and works as a speaker on labor law.


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