Dr. Jörg Klingmann

Partner | Attorney | Specialist attorney for Construction and Architect law | Specialist attorney for Banking and Capital market law

Your attorney for:

  • Construction law

  • Architect law

  • Real estate law

  • Banking law and capital market law

  • Commercial law

  • Public procurement law

  • Trade law

Jörg Klingmann studied in Heidelberg, Freiburg and Lausanne. After his clerkship and subsequent completion of his doctorate at Heidelberg University on a subject regarding international contract law, he joined the law firm in 1995.

One focus of his activity is contract as well as trade law and commercial law. Many of his clients are well-known industrial and service companies. A second focus lies on real estate law, including the law of public procurement and public private partnerships. In addition to performing numerous tasks as consultant and adviser for corporate enterprises and foundations, Jörg Klingmann regularly supervises larger project developments and real estate transactions. As specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law, Jörg Klingmann also advises financial service companies as well as well-known industrial and service companies in the field of bank contract, loan agreement, and security law. 

Jörg Klingmann is a member of the working group for construction law and the working group for banking and capital market law of the German Bar Association.

Dr. Jörg Klingmann

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