Jürgen Behrendt

Partner | Attorney | Specialist attorney for Administrative law

Your attorney for:

  • Administrative law

  • Public and private construction law

  • Commercial tenancy law

Jürgen Behrendt joined the law firm in 1999 after graduation and completion of his clerkship in Heidelberg. During his studies, he worked for Peter Hommelhoff at the Institute for German and European corporate law and commercial law (Institut für deutsches und europäisches Gesellschaftsrecht und Wirtschaftsrecht) at Heidelberg University.

As specialist attorney for administrative law, he represents numerous cities and municipalities in the region as well as companies and private clients in the field of public construction planning law and construction regulations law and in the related fields of administrative law.

Another focus of his is private construction law, in particular architect law and commercial tenancy law.

He is a member of the working group for administrative law at the German Bar Association. He is also active in the attorney education at Heidelberg University.

Jürgen Behrendt

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