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Construction law and real estate law

SCHLATTER provides comprehensive advice regarding all questions of public and private construction and real estate law including public procurement law.

Not only does SCHLATTER possess decades of experience in these areas, but they also have an excellent reputation in the Rhine-Neckar Region. The team of experts for construction and real estate law consists of highly qualified attorneys specializing in construction and architect law as well as in administrative law who successfully face the continuously growing legal challenges of complex real estate and building projects. Among the clients of SCHLATTER are public clients such as cities, municipalities, associations, local and other authorities, foundations as well as property developers, construction companies, medium-sized crafts enterprises, architects, and investors.

In public construction law, SCHLATTER advises municipalities, companies, and private clients on all questions concerning construction planning law and construction regulations law as well as on those areas of administrative law also concerned – for example development law and environmental law. Here, we support building owners in enforcing their building requests as well as neighbors who are threatened with rights violations by neighboring building projects. Additionally, assisting municipalities and investors with complex major projects which shall be realized and defined by urban development contracts is a significant field of activity of SCHLATTER.

SCHLATTER provides assistance in private construction and real estate law covering the beginning of a building or real estate project such as purchase of real estate and design of construction and architect‘s contracts, project-accompanying advice, contracting of construction works, construction progress obstructions or aftercare, and the completion of a project and its associated questions regarding compensation and remuneration. This also includes legal advice on aftercare within the scope of liability for material defects and product liability.

Owing to the high level of expertise of SCHLATTER Attorneys, the project teams are reinforced by partners of SCHLATTER specializing in tax law, trade and commercial law or corporate law for questions concerning several legal disciplines as for example tax law and corporate law regarding the formation or acquisition of special purpose vehicles or funding real estate projects.

We specialize in construction law and real estate law:

Jürgen Behrendt

Administrative law  |  Public and Private construction law  |  Commercial tenancy law

Georg Willem Büchler

Private construction law  |  Architect law  |  Real estate law  |  Commercial tenancy law  |  IT law

Dr. Nicolle Heitsch

Administrative law  |  Public and Private construction law  |  Architect law and real estate law

Dr. Jörg Klingmann

Construction law | Architect law | Real estate law | Banking law and capital market law | Public procurement law | Trade and commercial law

Dr. Daniel Schneidenbach

Private construction law  |  Architect law  |  Real estate law  |  Commercial tenancy law  |  IT law

Dr. Britta Schubel

Product liability law |  Contract law |  Terms and conditions law | Private construction law  | Insurance law  |