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Inheritance law

Inheritance law regulates the transfer of assets in case of death. As experienced advisers of discriminating private clients and companies we find a testament solution tailored to your needs considering in particular family and corporate law specifics in addition to inheritance law. Tax-optimized design is of specific importance when transferring assets to the next generation, especially where business assets are concerned. Gradual lifetime transfer of assets often makes sense for tax-related reasons. This offers the advantage of preparing the next generation in a timely manner for assuming responsibility.

Our attorneys specializing in inheritance law, tax law, and family law are specialized in all significant areas that are of importance in succession planning. Solving legal questions, distribution of assets to individual parties of communities of heirs and disputes regarding compulsory portion in case of death are also typical inheritance law tasks. Our attorneys have had many years of experience in the field of execution of a will.

In addition to their expertise, our attorneys have knowledge of human nature and experience. These are the decisive factors for dispute-preventing settlements and the administration of estates by mutual consent.

We specialize in inheritance law:

Dr. Christian Albrecht

Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  Succession planning  |  Lawyer and tax consultant liability

Dr. Christian Strubel

National and international Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  M & A  |  Restructuring  |  Company succession

Dr. Natascha Rittner

Family law  |  Inheritance law  |  Succession law