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M & A, restructuring

SCHLATTER advises German and international clients regularly on acquisition and restructuring of companies. Among SCHLATTER’s clients in this field are owner-managed companies, freelancer offices and medium-sized enterprises of all forms. The area of consulting of the workgroup M & A established in 2009 with Prof. Dr. Jens Kollmar joining SCHLATTER covers share or asset deals, MBOs and MBIs and (international) purchase and sale of companies as well as changes by merger, demerger or share barter and agreements regarding the resignation of and separation from partners and the purchase of shares.

The workgroup M & A benefits from SCHLATTER’s expertise in all fields of commercial law since SCHLATTER provides in-house experts and the best team is assembled for the client for the conduct of complex transactions. This way, all fields of commercial law relevant for corporate transactions may be assumed by a team.

In addition, the long-term cooperation of SCHLATTER with the WSB Group working in tax consulting and auditing at the same location in Mannheim and Heidelberg as SCHLATTER allows for the performance of services beyond pure legal and tax consulting. This includes for example corporate assessment, financial due diligence, attendance at physical inventory count, audits and business plans.

In international transactions we can rely on an efficient network with consultants in the USA, England, Switzerland, Singapore and other countries. Thus, the workgroup M & A assists clients from the first step (confidentiality agreement, letter of intent, tax structuring, due diligence etc.) to the completion of the transaction (e. g. purchase contract or reorganization documents). The workgroup is always managed by a partner who is the direct contact of the client.

We specialize in M & A, restructuring:

Dr. Christian Albrecht

Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  Succession planning  |  Lawyer and tax consultant liability

Sebastian Müller

Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  M & A, restructuring

Tobias Fürniß, Ph.D. (UIBE)

Intellectual property rights  |  Competition law  |  Antitrust law  |  Compliance  |  M&A  |  Restructuring

Dr. Christian Strubel

National and international Tax law  |  Corporate law  |  M & A  |  Restructuring  |  Company succession

Dr. Björn Lange

Labor law  | Corporate law |  M&A | Sports law