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Public procurement law

In public procurement law, SCHLATTER advises numerous contracting authorities regarding the design of Europe-wide and national bidding. This includes construction work as well as acquisition of supplies and services.

In this sector, we focus on energy industry, traffic projects as well as investments in research. Owing to our vast experience, our clients are provided with professional support by SCHLATTER in all phases of procurement procedure – covering the definition and classification of the work to be supplied, the preparation of contracting documents, active contribution in the conduct of the procedure as well as representation in potential verification procedures and appeals procedures.

In addition to contracting authorities, SCHLATTER advises and represents in public procurement law companies in bids for public contracts. Here, we also provide assistance in all phases of procurement procedure. We focus on error avoidance in bids, informing our clients comprehensively about their rights and the appropriate approach to the contracting authority as well as identifying potential public procurement law violations by the contracting authority in a timely manner and prosecuting them purposefully.

Numerous procurement procedures and verification procedures designed in the clients’ interests and successfully concluded confirm the experience and expertise of the department of public procurement law of SCHLATTER.

We specialize in public procurement law:

Dr. Nicolle Heitsch

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