Dr. Nicolle Heitsch

Attorney | Specialist attorney for Construction and Architect law | associated partner*

Your attorney for:

  • Administrative law (public construction law)

  • Private construction and architect law

  • Real estate law

  • Commercial tenancy law

Nicolle Heitsch studied law and completed her clerkship in Heidelberg. During her legal clerkship, she spent practice periods at the Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg and at a commercial law firm in the Rhine-Neckar district, among others. She received a doctorate at the University of Mannheim. While completing her doctorate, she worked as attorney in an international law firm in Mannheim and as scientific assistant at the Faculty of Law at Heidelberg University. After completing her doctorate, Nicolle Heitsch initially worked for three years as fully qualified lawyer for a utility company in the Rhine-Neckar Region. In 2007, she started working again as an attorney for a medium-sized law firm in Stuttgart/Mannheim.

Nicolle Heitsch joined SCHLATTER in 2011 and, as a specialist lawyer for construction and architectural law, focuses on this area as well as on commercial tenancy law. Another focus of her work is administrative law, in particular public building law.  Nicolle Heitsch advises, among others, construction companies, property developers, building owners, architects and engineers, cities, municipalities, municipal special-purpose associations and other public corporations and institutions.

Nicolle Heitsch is a member of the German Bar Association, the Heidelberg Bar Association and the Working Group for Private Construction Law of the Heidelberg Bar Association. 

*not partner in the meaning of PartGG

Dr. Nicolle Heitsch

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