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Administrative law

SCHLATTER possesses many years of experience in administrative law and offers expert advice and representation in all matters in this field of law.

Administrative law governs the legal relation between state and its citizens and the relation of administrative units to each other. General administrative law constitutes the principles of administration of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German states, and the municipalities. In contrast, the specific administrative law constitutes the legal rules of the respective administrative areas such as construction law, environmental law, and local government law.

Assistance of our clients in the fields of construction law, environmental law, and local government law is a particular focus of SCHLATTER in administrative law.

We are happy to support you in realizing your building project and assist you in the conduct of development plan procedures, building license procedures, land consolidation, and site development. We also advise and represent you in plan approval procedures. We review prospects of success of applications for building but we also defend you against construction on neighboring plots that violates your rights.

Advice in complex building projects including contract design and assistance in concluding implementing agreements and other urban development agreements is also a significant part of our work.

SCHLATTER represents and advises numerous municipalities in these fields – especially in the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar, but also companies and individuals.

We specialize in administrative law:

Jürgen Behrendt

Administrative law  |  Public and Private construction law  |  Commercial tenancy law

Dr. Nicolle Heitsch

Administrative law  |  Public and Private construction law  |  Architect law and real estate law