Commercial law firm in the Rhine-Neckar Region

You can find us in Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Not only have we lost our heart in Heidelberg but also in Mannheim: The head office of our law firm has been located in the romantic university city on the Neckar since 1946. In 2009, we established another office in Mannheim, the main business center of the Metropolitan Region.

Tradition and experience: SCHLATTER Attorneys in Heidelberg

Founded by Dr. Paul Schlatter in Heidelberg more than 70 years ago, we have every reason to call ourselves a renowned law firm. Decades of experience and highest expertise distinguish us and our work. Several of our attorneys possess the specific qualification of specialist attorney for a certain field of law.

Enhancement of commercial expertise: SCHLATTER Attorneys in Mannheim

As one of the best-known commercial law firms in the region, the clients we represent include many companies situated in Mannheim and the Kurpfalz. We further consolidated and developed these good relationships with our clients in Mannheim and its surroundings with opening our office in Mannheim in 2009.